Hello World

Hello everyone! I am going to start my journey to write some blog posts. I am challenging myself to write twice a week, mostly about technology that I use or I am interested in.

Let me introduce myself shortly. As you know from the left side, my name is Dennis. I am working currently as a CTO at MetricGym. I cover here mostly areas like back-end, servers and desktop client. I am not a person who sits and talks here. I like and do program/manage stuff. I’ve expertise with front-end, mostly with angular, brunch, sass etc. My first programming language was Pawn - you know the language that is used to create GTA San Andreas Multiplayer maps. Then I got into Python, went then into JAVA, then Ruby and now I am mostly hyped about Elixir & Python.

With the blog I am trying to mark my objections with programming or configuring stuff, lead discussions (if someone reads the blog I highly encourage you to do :)) and making notes available to the public. Sometimes it might occur for you boring, sometimes I hope interesting.

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